Extrusion Press

Product Description

(1)End Platen
(2)Main Cross Head
(3)Container Holder

Product Specifications

  • (1)Material : FCD450
  •    Weight : 32,419 Kgs
  •    2,720(L) * 3,358(W) * 1,300(H) / mm
  • (2)Material : FCD450
  •    Weight : 13,717 Kgs
  •    3,450(L) * 3,105(W) * 880(H) / mm
  • (3)Material : FCD450
  •    Weight : 11,044 Kgs
  •    3,424(L) * 2,150(W) * 1,010(H) / mm
Meehanite GM400 GA350 GB300 GC275 GD250 GE200
Taiwan CNS G3038 FC350 FC300 FC250 FC200
Japan JIS G5501 FC350 FC300 FC250 FC200
USA ASTM-A48 Class60 Class55/50 Class45 Class40 Class35 Class25
Germany DIN1691 GG40 GG35 GG30 GG25 GG20
Tensile Strength(more)kgf/mm2 40 35 30 28 25 20
Brinell Hardness HBS or HBW 210/280 200/240 190/230 185/225 180/220 170/210
Meehanite Specifications Feature Application
GM-GA The most versatile of the general engineering types, have a dense, fine grain structure& exceptional physical properties, including good impact strength & shock resistance.Machining to a very fine finish is recommended for heavy castings requiring pressure tightness. Both types respond to heat treatment. Used extensively for heavy service gears, sheaves, cable drums & crane wheels, kiln tires& rollers, stamping, drawing, pressing, lathe spindles, etc.
GB-GC A versatile iron for small & medium size castings. Relatively high density & solidity make it ideal for small types of pressure castings.
GD-GE A superior alternative to ordinary cast iron in all applications. Manufactured under the same strict control as all Meehanite types, ensuring structural uniformity &soundness. Improved strength & density for consistent, reliable performance. Suitable for any size casting, from the lightest repetitive to large,heavy individual castings.
Meehanite SFF350 SFF400 SF400 SF420 SFP500 SPF600 SP700 SH800
Taiwan CNS B2118 FCD370 FCD400 FCD400 FCD450 FCD500 FCD600 FCD700 FCD800
Japan JIS G5502 FCD370 FCD400 FCD400 FCD450 FCD500 FCD600 FCD700 FCD800
USA ASTM-A536 60-40-18 65-45-12 80-55-06 120-70-2 120-90-2
Germany DIN1693 GGG35.3 GGG40.3 GGG40 GGG50 GGG60 GGG70 GGG80
Tensile Strength(more) 35 40 40 40 50 60 70 80
Elongation % 20 20 15 15 10 4 2 2
Brinell Hardness HBS or HBW 130/160 130/170 140/190 140/190 170/230 200/260 220/280 260/320
Meehanite Specifications Feature Application
SH-SP Ideal for relatively heavy castings where high strength is desired. Recommended for use where severe stresses, shock or high internal pressures are encountered, e.g. heavy duty gears, sprockets,car journal boxes, etc.
SPF-SFP In as-cast condition, has more than twice the strength of conventional gray cast iron & is exceptionally tough. Both have combined ferritic and pearlitic structure, readily machinable. Responds easily to surface hardening by nitriding or flame / electric induction heat treatment.
SF Exhibits high ductility, exceptional shock resistance & provides maximum toughness & machinability. For components subjected to thermal & mechanical shock, pressure castings, valves,cylinders, automotive &machine tool parts,marine & where soft-steel castings.
SFF ferritic structure provides maximum toughness & mechanical shock resistance. Recommended for use in subzero temperatures where shock is encountered. Hubs, valves, clutches & pumps for use in low temp settings, e.g. wind turbines.

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